What can Justin Bieber and Rob Ford teach us about SEO?

By / January 30 2014 / Marketing

How to harness the power of Bieber and Ford.

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Marketing to millennials

By / December 11 2013 / Marketing

As we were working through the discovery process with a client the other day, they stated that they wanted to reach out to younger people (young families or couples ‘starting out') as potential clients. As it happens, we have a number of Millennials on our staff, so I asked them to describe how they made their buying decisions. Here's what they said…

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Google AdWords for non-profits

By / April 26 2013 / Marketing

Google Grants is the non-profit edition of Google AdWords. Google Grants allows non-profit organizations to promote their missions and initiatives with free AdWords advertising.

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TDG to host exclusive Google Engage Connect event

By / February 25 2013 / Events, Marketing

As a Google AdWords Certified Partner, The Dunham Group Inc is inviting current and potential clients to join us on March 5, 2013 for an invitation-only live broadcast from the Googleplex in California.

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What's Google done with my search results!?

By / August 23 2012 / Marketing

Not sure what to put here yet.

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News about our clients!

By / May 30 2012 / Marketing

Read some good news stories about a few of our clients. There are more to come!

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Should you invest in Google AdWords?

By / April 30 2012 / Marketing

I used to think that Google AdWords, or any advertising on the Internet, was a waste of money - a fast way to fill Google's pockets while emptying your own. Now I know otherwise.

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The Shoemaker's Children

By / May 13 2011 / Marketing

New neighbourhood. New potential clients. No marketing material! We felt just like the shoemaker's children. As we become our own client, here's what we're learning...

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Getting on top

By / March 30 2011 / Web Design, Marketing

What are the 5 most important things you can do to get your website to the top of search engine rankings?

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What's old is new again

By / March 8 2011 / Marketing

Remember the good ol' days of the monthly newsletter? Well, those days are back - in a new and better way!

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Websites need to reflect your business personality!

By / January 5 2011 / Web Design, Marketing

It is crucial for the web design firm to fully understand the company, its direction, its owners, and its philosophy.

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The call to action

By / December 17 2010 / Web Design, Marketing

Two business lessons I've learned from my friend Phil McColeman are: always put your best foot forward, and don't forget to ask for the business. These can be the makings of a New Year's resolution you won't regret!

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Do I need a Facebook page?

By / November 10 2010 / Marketing

Online social networking is important for business. It's a new form of relationship-building that can have great rewards, whether your audience is around the corner or around the world. And like all relationships, it takes work.

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Preparing for a bad... or good economy

By / November 2 2010 / Marketing

It would seem that the best wisdom is that no matter what our economy, we should be prepared with an ongoing marketing strategy, materials and web presence that will carry us through anything good or bad!

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Marketing your business

By / September 27 2010 / Web Design, Marketing

Your web developer needs to be considered a member of your team, rather than some adjunct supplier.

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Working your website

By / September 9 2010 / Web Design, Marketing

Frequent changes to the site are paramount. The search engines need to know you are alive and that you are working the site. Change the text, add news, have a blog on the site, put new photos up, add new stock, give new information as it comes out.

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What has your website done for you lately?

By / October 5 2009 / Web Design, Marketing

How is your website today? Many people can't answer that question because they haven't visited their website today. Some haven't been there for a week; others longer. It's not that they don't care about their business, but they just don't expect much from their website. Sure, it has to be there, but beyond that, the language around the website's purpose gets really fuzzy. Is that you?

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Are you getting the most out of your website?

By / September 11 2009 / Web Design, Marketing

Many companies have a webpage developed, place it online and expect people will just show up to start purchasing goods and services. The reality is that getting a quality design is only the beginning. The website is only one part of an overall strategy and should be closely linked to your in-store/company systems, print catalogs, and other sales channels to ensure success. Promotion, search engine ranking and cross-linking all play an important role in delivering traffic to your website.

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Accessibility 3.0

By / July 3 2009 / Graphic Design, Marketing

We're experiencing a backlash to the 'wall of information' that most websites have presented us for the last few years. It's like we've all got headaches from the 'visual noise' and are now looking for space, clarity, and room to think. The main challenge in web design today is to make it easy for all visitors to easily get the information they need, without a lot of distracting stuff. Let's call it Accessibility 3.0.

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The technology lifecycle... When will the next landslide begin?

By / June 8 2009 / IT Support, Marketing

The technology lifecycle... When will the next landslide being? Often market trends, emerging products, and business requirements dictate the technology lifecycle for a firm.

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Thinking about brand?

By / May 20 2009 / Marketing

This is the right time in our economy to ramp up for growth. However, we need to remember that times have seriously changed.

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What can we learn from the CBC?

By / November 3 2008 / Marketing

This past June the CBC didn't renew the rights to the much loved 'Hockey Night in Canada' theme music, and most people at the time thought they'd made a huge mistake. Well, it doesn't look like a mistake now...

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