Celebrating the 80s in support of the Dr. Bob Kemp Hospice

By Chris Grabiec / May 10 2016 / Events, Video, Hamilton

Last week the Dunham Group had the opportunity to be Ruby Red sponsors at the annual Paint the Town Red gala supporting the Dr. Bob Kemp Hospice. The event took place at Michelangelo Banquet Centre in Hamilton, Ontario, and as usual, the evening was amazing in every respect.

We also had two guests at our table: Russ and Lori King from BERRN Consulting (AED4Life). As Ruby Red sponsors, we had to sing an 80s song in front of everyone (thankfully John Janisse took the lead). Enjoy the video of our performance!

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CDPP website design

New website: Canadian Disability Participation Project

By John Janisse / December 14 2015 / Web Design, Portfolio

The Canadian Disability Participation Project is an alliance of university, public, private and government sector partners working together to enhance community participation among Canadians with physical disabilities. We've created the online resource where partners, researchers and the public can access information gathered from across Canada and made available all in one place. It's content managed, responsive, and includes an integrated newsletter tool. We’re very happy to have a role in this project that has the potential to do so much good!

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Lois Laxton Dance Studio website design

New website: Lois Laxton Dance Studio

By John Janisse / December 11 2015 / Web Design, Portfolio

The Lois Laxton Dance Studio has been teaching dance in Stoney Creek to children and adults from every walk of life, and every stage of experience, since 1946! Whether traditional ballet or newer hip hop or musical theatre, they excel at instilling the wonder, discipline and fun of dance!

Dunham created a website for them a number of years back; this new site is content managed so staff can easily update the content, and responsive, so visitors can get all the information they need on their phones, clearly and easily

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Bored retro man

What's 'wrong' with young people these days… May not be so wrong!

By Chris Grabiec / December 7 2015 / Web Design, Web Marketing

I've been watching some of the young people in my life pretty carefully for the last while as well as some of the "younger" people in my life as well. What I've observed is this: Everything bores them. That may be an overstatement, but likely most readers understand what I'm saying. It is very difficult to motivate the younger generation today – in most things. Here’s the thing…

  • If this is the case – then there is a reason for it
  • Perhaps if we can’t beat them – we should join them

Let's start with the first – the reason for the attitude. That's a tough one to answer. Some might say that it's just that we have handed the young generations their existence on a silver platter. Everything is given to them in abundance and hence the challenge of discovery, of learning or experiencing the universe is not what we expect it to be. The problem is somewhat rampant in China. When I was there this past summer the tour leader indicated that their children want for nothing. If they have an iPhone 5, they come to the parent and tell them that they need the latest iPhone 6.

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Rocket and balloons

The Dunham Group is evolving to serve you better

By Chris Grabiec / October 1 2015 / IT Support, News, Web Design

Dunham Web is the division of The Dunham Group (TDG) that deals with a broad spectrum of web solutions for our clients. We are very happy to build amazing and huge back-ends that run massive organizations online or internally. We are equally happy to build web sites for small to large business that effectively portray their product, service or goals. Ecommerce and educational websites are also within our broad experience.

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