Myth 2: Firewalls and antivirus software are sufficient for protecting my computer's assets.

Myth 2: Firewalls and antivirus software are sufficient for protecting my computer's assets

By / October 20 2014 / Events, IT Support

It's true that firewalls and antivirus software are very good protection, but only if they are kept up-to-date and strong passwords are used whenever a password is required. The same is true for your operating system.

The good news is that most operating systems and software applications allow automatic or scheduled updates to help ensure you have the latest updates.

Even when kept up-to-date, however, firewalls and antivirus software are only able to defend against known threats so healthy suspicion when checking email, and prudent internet practices can never be totally replaced by software.

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Myth 1: There isn't anything worth stealing on my computer

Myth 1: There isn't anything worth stealing on my computer

By / October 16 2014 / Events, IT Support

Most people have heard about hackers getting access to sensitive data. Home Depot and Target are perhaps the most recent big companies to admit that their data systems were hacked and user data was stolen. It's a dangerous myth however to believe that your own personal computer isn't worth the trouble for a hacker or cyber-criminal.

If you use a computer, you likely have passwords, important email addresses, and perhaps even financial information like credit card and account numbers stored on it. Additionally, documents saved on your computer often contain metadata that can provide even more information for hackers to use. Without the proper protection, a hacker would have the opportunity to steal your identity or erase irreplaceable information if they gained access to any of this information.

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Local business map

Supporting neighbours

By / October 8 2014 / Hamilton

Hamilton is a great community of hard-working people. Often, however, we tend to overlook our own neighbours when it comes to making business or consumer purchases, assuming that we can 'do better' outside of the Hamilton area. So to challenge that way of thinking, here are three suggestions of local businesses that you may want to support:

These folks make a great product, and their work is done locally in Dunnville, not in China where so many of our products come from. If you're interested in outdoor living areas, they are worth investigating.

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BluePrince Consulting website design

New website: BluePrince Consulting

By / October 1 2014 / Web Design, Portfolio

Keith McIntyre, founder of the highly successful business consulting firm, The KMAC Group, came to us for help with a new venture. The result is BluePrince Consulting, a great collaboration between client and web developer (if we do say so ourselves).

Built on the Drupal platform, the website combines captivating photography with engaging storytelling, all made possible with Drupal's user-friendly content management system.

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AIDS Network website design

New website: The AIDS Network

By / September 25 2014 / Web Design, Portfolio

The AIDS Network provides invaluable education and support to those living with HIV in the communities of Hamilton, Halton, Haldimand, Norfolk and Brant.

Their old website looked good at first glance, but it was difficult to find information about services offered in the various communities, and it was very difficult for staff to update. We created a new Drupal-based website with an improved navigation, and clear links to community-based services as well as upcoming events.

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