Job posting: Programmer/Web Developer

By John Janisse / May 19 2015 / Hamilton, Jobs

The Dunham Group is looking for a talented software/web developer to develop the back end of websites and perhaps some light server management. We've got a very talented staff of 7 (and growing), who provide web design and development as well as IT services. Being on the 'smaller' side, team members get to work on existing sites as well as new projects. You would be working primarily (90%) in the development area. We work with a strong team mentality. Our methodology is a modified SCRUM using Agile principles. We don't have bosses - we only have a team. We've built some very interesting web-based programs and applications. If you're up to it, you're smart, you're industrious and you believe in and exercise your talents and acquired abilities you might just like this team very much.

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We've been everywhere, man!

By Chris Grabiec / May 11 2015 / Events, Video

The Dunham Group lead singer John Janisse, backed by Kayn, Schuyler, Jen, Jason, Chris, Dolores, Kathleen, Spero, Jeremy and Jane, performed and outstanding version of "I've Been Everywhere" at the annual Paint the Town Red gala in support of the Dr. Bob Kemp Hospice.

The Dunham Group is a Ruby Red sponsor at Paint the Town Red. We believe strongly in the good work of the hospice and are more than happy to participate as sponsors.

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Responsive website design

Google is changing its mobile search algorithm today

By John Janisse / April 21 2015 / News, Web Design, SEO

Starting today, Google will start to rank mobile-friendly websites higher than those that aren't.

If you've used the internet on your phone (and more and more of us regularly do!) you know how frustrating it can be to land on websites where the navigation or videos don't work, or where you can't read anything because the text is too small. Google is aware of this and will now recommend mobile-friendly websites above those who are not mobile-friendly when you search on a mobile phone.

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Google Partners Connect

Join us for Google Partners Connect

By Kayn Leduc / April 14 2015 / Events, Web Marketing

As a Certified Google Partner, The Dunham Group will be hosting another exclusive Google Partners livestream from 12-1pm on May 13th and we're inviting all current and potential clients to join us.

It will be great opportunity to learn from Google experts about how to grow your business online.

Space is limited so please RSVP as soon as possible to ensure your spot.

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Gulf Canada website design

New website: Gulf Canada

By John Janisse / March 5 2015 / Web Design, Portfolio

If you're of a 'certain' age, you'll remember Gulf gas stations. In the mid-1980s they were converted to Petro-Canada stations and for over 20 years the Gulf brand was not to be found in Canada.

Now Gulf is coming back, and The Dunham Group has designed a quick introductory website, inviting independent gas station owners to consider switching to this global leader. Welcome back, Gulf!

Visit the new Gulf Canada website

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